This is a blog about me trying to be a professional filmmaker. I’ve been working semi professionally for the last 2 years or so, but as I’m in my final year of education with a BA on the horizon its time to get my act together so by the time I graduate next summer ill be already earning my crust.

Ive always been a big proponent of the ‘fake it till you make it’ school of thought. It’s an approach that has seen me get through life fairly well so far, but if I’m to achieve the goals I’ve set out for myself ┬áill have to put a bit more thought and planning into everything I do.

So what are these goals?

Before I graduate in 2017 I aim to

  • Have a production company all registered and above board with all the legal business things that I’m sure you have to have and do but I’m not always entirely sure what they are.
  • Have made some videos to promote said production company. videos that showcase my ability in each of the areas i would like to work in. these are, music video, documentary, extreme sports, promotional and corporate.
  • have made enough money, either through profits from videos or from a loan to buy all the equipment i need to shoot professional content without renting from anyone (at the moment i rent from the sheffield college)
  • have kitted out a room as a small studio (already have the room)
  • have all the marketing stuff in place, website business cards showreel ect.